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Which Solar Energy System?

With hundreds of products on the market and hundreds of solar energy companies to choose from I wouldn’t blame you if you got a little confused about which solar energy system is right for your needs!

Don’t despair though because with just a couple of points to consider we can help you choose the right solar energy system for your home and your family.

Firstly are you going solar to help the environment, to save on your bills, or both?

If you’d like to save on your bills to what extent would you like to save?

You can use our online calculator or Solar Energy Savings Chart to work out what size solar energy system you need to achieve your goals – we think you’ll find the right system costs less than you expect! 

Solar Energy Savings Chart


Once you’ve worked out the best solar energy system for your needs be sure to make sure your home is suitable for solar and that you understand how solar energy systems work.

If you’ve come that far already it’s time to pick your installer, how about using our Solar Energy System Checklist?