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WA’s electricity demand set to fall as solar installations skyrocket

Australia’s national electricity wholesaler predicts WA’s residential and commercial electricity demand to plummet following an unprecedented increase in solar panel installations.


The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) believes Western Australian residents will no longer have to rely on an increase in grid-drawn electricity to support the state as the WA’s population continues to grow.


Western Australia’s energy demand has been predicted to decline by about 4 per cent between 2019-20 and 2027-28, hitting back at claims of the relation between a growing population and the need for an increase in power supply.


The AEMO details the numbers behind stunning forecast are all thanks to WA’s commitment to installing rooftop solar power, with the south-west of the state now boasting in having solar panels on one in four homes.   


Solar installation completed by Sunterra Solar in Bunbury, Western Australia.


Continuing on with the state’s solar growth, residential solar panel installations are additionally expected to be in excess of 50 per cent for the entire state by 2028, while the totalling solar capacity will rise from 1100 megawatts to a massive 2500MW.


To put it into perspective, that is the equivalent to over three times the amount of energy capacity as the Collie Muja coal-plant.


The Collie Muja Power Station. Source: thewest.com.au.


Why are more Australians now installing more solar power?


As the state and nation continues to experience an era of high power bills and continues to get little government action to ease the struggle for many Australian households, more home and business owners are taking matters into their own hands and taking back control of their energy usage.


Due to this, grid electricity has only risen to a proportion of expected levels, while consumption has additionally fallen in particular years.


WA head of the Australian Energy Council (AEC) Scott Davis said Synergy has once again underestimated the rate at which solar panels are being installed across the state.


Western Australia’s huge increase in rooftop solar installations has drastically reduced the demand for grid electricity. Source: Sunterra Solar.


“If you look at the forecast historically, I think you’ll find they always under-predict the amount of rooftop solar that goes on each year,” Mr Davis said.


Mr Davis also gave note to the current incentives and low cost of a solar power system, as the instant savings from a solar panel installation will heavily outweigh the reasons to remain reliant to the retail energy grid.


Is solar energy right for you?


If you are looking for a way to immediately save on electricity costs while also doing your part to help conserve our fragile natural environment, then yes! Due to the previously mentioned rising retail energy prices and falling costs of residential and commercial solar systems, you will be instantly saving.  


The team at Sunterra has been supplying Australians with premium solar energy systems since 2010 and have amassed over 20,000 solar installations in that time. With a team of expert solar professionals stationed across the nation in our various offices, don’t hesitate to get into contact with us if you’re looking to get off the grid today!   


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