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The Growing Popularity of Solar Panels in Western Australia

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Why Solar Companies in Perth Are Enjoying Record Demand

Among the biggest reasons that we and other reputable companies in WA are experiencing record demand for our products and services at this moment in time are those listed below.

  • Falling Solar Prices – The cost of a new installation, even when buying the best solar panels Perth has to offer, has fallen considerably over the last few years and compares very favourably to prices in other parts of the country. This factor has probably influenced local homeowners and businesses more than any other as far as their collective decision to invest in new solar power installations is concerned.
  • Rising Electricity Prices – The cost of electricity in Perth and the surrounding area has risen significantly in recent years and is expected to continue to do so for some time to come. The reality of the already high rates, together with the expectation of even higher rates in the future, is motivating both domestic and commercial consumers of electricity to take action sooner rather than later. Solar power in Western Australia offers people the chance to protect themselves against future price increases, to a certain extent at least.
  • Ideal Weather Conditions – The average number of hours of clear sunshine that residents of this part of the country enjoy on an annual basis make solar panels in WA a wise investment. Fine weather on a year-round basis provides an excellent climate in which to harness the power of the sun and become less dependent on local utility companies and the electricity they generate from conventional resources.
  • Local Expertise – The presence of mature companies such as Sunterra in Western Australia certainly makes it easier for local residents to take advantage of solar power. Our experience, which includes the supply and installation of complete systems to commercial solar energy providers as well as to thousands of domestic customers, enables us to provide Western Australians with a service that is second to none.

Another factor that can be added to those mentioned above is the availability of government incentives for those who switch to renewable energy sources. If you live in Western Australia, solar panels could help you to save money for many years to come and thanks to the rebates on offer, you could recover the cost of your initial investment much sooner than you anticipated.

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