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Victorian Solar Panel Rebate changes to begin July 1! 

Victoria’s unprecedented solar panel rebate scheme will be capped as of July 1, with a first-in-best-dressed approach.


The July 1 solar revamp will restrict the amount of Victorian homeowners wan ting to benefit from the rebate to just over 3000, while 166 rebates will now be reserved for renters and landlords.


The restricted supply of residential solar panel rebates are predicted to be claimed within just days and possibly hours on every first day of each coming month.


The main change to the scheme is that once all of the subsidies have been used up, homeowners and renters will need to wait until the next month before being able to apply for the solar panel rebate again.


The Solar Homes Rebate has been incredibly popular and created an over-demand for solar panels across Victoria. Source: Suterra Solar.


Originally planned to subsidise solar panels for 770,000 homes in Victoria within 10 years, the $1.3 billion solar scheme has been hit with unexpected solar demand and untrustworthy solar panel installers.  


Between September 2018 and April 2019, the Victorian government predicted to provide 24,000 rebates to homeowners within this time, but were instantly overwhelmed and accepted 32,000 applications.


Six solar providers who exploited customers and practiced unsafe conditions for their workers have also been referred to Consumer Affairs for prosecution.


As a result, the government halted the solar panel scheme in April.


Will the solar cap be a positive or a negative?


Over the next year, around 40,000 solar systems will be installed on Victorian rooftops, while 2000 rental property rebates will be made available alongside 1000 solar battery rebates.


Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews described the excessive demand as “a good problem to have”, but has made for a potentially more difficult process for homeowners and landlords to have their solar panels installed.


Victorian homeowners are still going to greatly benefit from the rebate but the competition for places have just become harder. Source: Sunterra Solar.


Customers will now be required to go through a retailer to get a rebate tick of approval before they can have their solar panels installed but will benefit from a stronger auditing program on the solar retailers and installers.


“We will check and double check to make sure this is done properly,” Mr Andrews said.


As a result, the dodgy solar providers and installers will be weeded out to allow for homeowners to have their solar systems installed by a professional and reputable solar energy company.


How long is this current rebate going to last?


Victorian residents will benefit from the current rebate until December 31, 2019, with the potential to claim up to $2225.


But, from January 1, the maximum rebate amount will drop to $1888 then to $1850 for the 2020-21 financial year, so to reap the greatest benefit from the solar panel rebate, it’s best to get in as quick and as early as possible.


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