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Sunterra’s Home Battery System is the ideal solution for solar systems, which are dedicated to using solar energy for optimal performance. The Home Battery System prioritises solar energy first and ensures the compliment of power by drawing energy from the batteries and the public grid during consumption peaks.

Optimised Battery Storage


Sunterra’s Home Battery System intelligently manages the generated solar power firstly to the loads. Only the excess power is used to charge the batteries. Battery discharging only takes place during times of high consumption, night-time and during times of limited solar production, resulting in improved overall efficiency of the system and extended battery life. Therefore, the self-consumption of solar energy will be optimised.


Setting The Standard


We make the Home Battery System be possible for energy independence and autonomy with the self-generated solar production. Our Home Battery Systems represent the most advanced technology and innovation that simultaneously manage several energy sources and compensate the fluctuation and intermittence of the solar energy. The Home Battery System will intelligently adapt its energy management strategy while respecting the objectives of the user: autonomy, lowering the energy bill, security of power supply, etc.

More autonomous

A flexible architecture to allow a wide range of battery storage capacities

More connected

The integrated Wi-Fi communication allows local (webserver) or mobile App control of the Home Battery System through overhauled monitoring interface.

More flexible

Self-consumption, back-up, isolated site, Virtual Power Plant…Sunterra’s Home Battery System is the solution ready to function in all scenarios.

More secure

Sunterra’s Home Battery System has the Blackout Proof feature (optional at an extra cost), which can instantly secure the power supply for essential devices (lighting, Wi-Fi, freezer…).



Sunterra’s Home Battery System prioritises renewable energy using the solution that is taking a step towards autonomy.

The Home Battery System manages multiple energy sources (Solar, Batteries and Grid) and adapts the available power according to the conditions of solar production and overall consumption. Each kWh produced is directly consumed and stored in batteries or sold to the grid.

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