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EOFY Solar Mega Sale - Ultra-saver - 10.56kW Solar and Battery System

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2022 EOFY Solar & Battery Mega Sale!

6 Panels Free For Ultra-saver Package!

Ultra-saver 10.56kW Solar Panels & Home Battery Package System includes: (18+6)*Jinko 440W, 1*Growatt MIN5000TL-XH and 1*Growatt ARK XH 2.56kWh Battery System (1 Module)

If you plan to install your solar system at:

1. VIC: Claim Your $3500* Home Battery Rebate / $1400* Solar Panel Rebate Now

*State Government will pay up to $1400 on your new solar system or up to $3500 for your home battery system, under the scheme of “Solar Home Package” Program (Solar panel (PV) rebate) (Solar battery rebate)

2. SA: Claim Your Home Battery Rebate Now Up To $2000 Now

(SA Home Battery Scheme)

Solar Panel
(18+6) X 440W = 10.56kW of Solar Panels Power Output

Jinko Tiger Pro 440W Mono PERC Solar Panels

  • Tier 1 Solar Module
  • Reputed Solar Brand
  • High Efficiency Solar Module
  • 25 Years of Panel Linear Output Warranty
  • Local Australian Support

Jinko Tiger Pro 440W Mono PERC Solar Panels

Solar Inverter
1 X Growatt MIN 5000TL-XH Single Phase Inverter

  • Max. efficiency 98.4%
  • Dual MPP trackers
  • Type II SPD on DC side
  • Battery ready, future proof
  • 24h self-consumption monitoring
  • 10-Year Product Warranty

min 5000tl xh

Solar Battery
1 X Growatt ARK XH 2.56kWh Battery System(1 Module)

  • Compatible with MIN-XH series inverter
  • Flexible capacity(2.56kWh / Module)
  • Excellent safety of cobalt free LiFePO4 battery
  • Easy installation with modular and stacked design
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • 10-Year Product Warranty

ARK XH Home Battery System

Mibet Solar Panel Mounting Kit
Mibet Panel Mounting Kit

  • Flexible Roof Mounting Solution
  • Available in Tin, Tile and Clip lock
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Instal

Solar Installation

  • CEC Accredited Licensed Solar Electrician
  • Professionally Trained for Solar Installation
  • Experts with Tons of Experience
  • Fast Turn Around

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