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Sunterra is VIC's #1 Solar & Battery Company.*
A CEC Member & A CEC Approved Solar Retailer.

*VIC’s #1 Solar Company is based on the STCs creation volume. Sunterra is the 1st STCs creator in VIC according to the Sunwiz Report released on 4th Sep, 2019.

*State Government will pay up to $1400 on your new solar system or up to $3500 for your home battery system, under the scheme of “Solar Home Package” Program (Solar panel (PV) rebate) (Solar battery rebate)
**Price is eligible after the client assigns the STC’s rights and Solar VIC’s solar or battery rebate to Sunterra, and for standard single storey house installations in REC zone 4 only. Extra charges may apply for non-standard installations.

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