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*Price is eligible after the client assigns the STC’s rights and battery rebate to Sunterra, and for standard single storey house installations in REC zone 3 only. Extra charges may apply for non-standard installations.

Sunterra is WA's #1 Solar & Battery Company.*
A CEC Member & A CEC Approved Solar Retailer.

*WA’s #1 Solar Company is based on the STCs creation volume. Sunterra is the largest STCs creator according to the Sunwiz Report released on 4th Sep, 2019.

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HOT 2.0 Technology

Hot 2.0 technology is a kind of high temperature resistant technology, which used in Jinko N-type panels and makes the panels lower the risk of LID/LeTID. What is the LID/LeTID? …
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Tiling Ribbon Technology

TR technology is short name of “Tiling ribbon technology”, which is patented technology of Jinko. Common ribbons are flat, but Jinko uses circular ribbon.The main purpose of using TR technology…
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Jinko SunTank home battery released

Jinko has released their new product, which named the “SunTank”. It is a home battery system based a lithium-iron phosphate storage solution, and is a effective residential energy management for…
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