Growatt ATS-S EPS Box

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Growatt A-TSSP is a single-phase auto transfer switch for Growatt storage inverter SPH and SPA series.

The Growatt ATS-T (Auto Transfer Switch Three Phase) controls the switching of the contactors to provide power to the EPS load in both grid-tied and off-grid conditions. The ATS-T integrates a contactor to provide users with a simple connection. It is used with Growatt Hybrid inverter and AC coupled inverter (single phase). Configured with ATS-T, when the power outage, ATS-T can automatically switch to Off-Grid state,  it can continue to supply power to the EPS load, the load can continue to run.

Key Features:
· Grid
Normal 230V
Voltage Normal 50Hz
frequency Max current 30A

· EPS input data
Normal voltage 230 a.c.V
Voltage Normal 50Hz
frequency Max current 30A


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