Mibet Energy 10 Panel Tin L Feet Kit

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Kit Includes:

· 6*Splice kit for MA Rail
· 8*End Clamp 30/35mm
· 18*Inter Clamp 30-40mm
· 22*L feet kit
· 6*Grounding Lug
· 10*Grounding Clip
· 10*cable clip under module frame (for 2 cables)

Mibet Solar Mounts Feature:

· Easy installation with pre-assembled components.
· Compatible with frame and frameless solar panels.
· Modular design
· Waterproof systems (select models)
· Tilt angles of 0 to 600
· High snow and wind load resistance.
· Upto 10 year warranty
· Al6005-T5(Anodized) hook (for tile roof mounts)
· HDPE floats (floating mounts)
· Corrosion resistant
· High structural strength

About Mibet:

With sales in 100 countries, Mibet Energy specializes in premium rooftop solar mounts. The company has an annual production capacity of 1500 MW, and the mounts are used in over 2000+ projects worldwide. Their portfolio of ground (sloping and even), roof-top (metal, tin and tile), waterproof and floating solar mounts possess ISO, AS/NZS, MCS, UL and TUV certifications. As of 2016, Mibet solar mounts is one of the largest suppliers in the world.

A “no-compromise” design approach has made Mibet, one of the most reliable and premium solar mounts in Europe, Asia and Australia. They have been used in some of the biggest commercial and utility-grade solar projects in these countries. The company has a high focus on research, and 30+ international patents. The portfolio includes tracking and non-tracking mounts and accessories for all terrains with flexibility for frame and frame-less PV panels.

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