ARK LV Battery Growatt

ARK LV Battery Introduction

Growatt ARK LV Battery is an excellent safety of cobalt free LiFePO4 battery, offer flexible capacity options for your home battery storage.

ark lv battery
ARK LV Battery

Easy installation with modular and stackable design.

You can choose 1 to 10 modules according to your home battery storage conditions. Minimum capacity of this battery system is 2.56kWh(1 level), and maximum capacity can reach 25.6kWh (10 levels). They are very easy to install because you just stack single battery module one by one from base during installation.

ark lv battery 10 level
ARK LV Battery 10 Level
easy installation
Easy Installation

Safe and Dependable Battery System

· LFP chemistry without Colbat technology · Keep inverters and BMS under multiple levels protections
LFP Chemistry
LFP Chemistry
ARK batteries use cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) technology for added safety, and benefit from a modular design that not only enables easy installation, but offers customers the flexibility to store large amounts of capacity.
ark lv battery safety
ARK LV Battery Safety

During the testing program, ARK batteries achieved best-in-class performance in a number of safety and reliability tests, including charge/discharge cycle performance, initial charge/discharge energy measurements, high battery charge/discharge ratings, and high/low temperature charge/discharge performance.

Growatt is one of the few manufacturers in the industry to develop its own energy storage batteries and hybrid inverters, providing the entire solar energy storage solution. The company’s R&D team has also developed its own battery management system (BMS) and hybrid inverters to provide multiple layers of protection for energy storage systems.

Compatible with diverse storage inverters

Growatt SPH 5000, SPF 5000 ES and SPA 3000 are compatible inverters

ark lv battery compatible inverters
ARK LV Battery Compatible Inverters

There are six models in SPH series that are compatible with this battery, multiple battery packs with base installation.

ark lv battery sph5000
ARK LV Battery & SPH5000

Whole system service

Remote firmware upgrade

Whole system service
Whole System Service

ARK Battery Award

Growatt was a ‘All Quality Matters’ award-winner in 2021 Year TÜV Rheinland’s solar congress with the excellent performance of the ARK battery in the PVE Test Program by this institution. Bess for home use.

ark lv battery award
ARK Battery Award

ARK LV Battery System Installation

The whole ARK LV Battery system installation introduction includes SPH&ARK-LV Battery system introduction, how to install and power on the system.
ark lv battery installation
ARK LV Battery Installation

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