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Solar Energy Still Australia’s Favourite Energy Source

According to the latest Climate Of The Nation report by The Australia Institute, solar energy is still the most preferred energy source in Australia. 


The 2019 report has been based off 1,960 survey responses from Australians across the nation aged 18 and older.


Historically, this report has been used to gauge an understanding of Australians’ attitudes regarding climate change and associated issues.


Assessing all groups of gender, age, state and voting groups, solar energy came out strongly on top of all other energy alternatives in the report, with even Australians which either don’t believe in or have any concerns about climate change voting solar as their preferred energy source. 


Rural and regional areas were once again the most dominant response group backing solar energy, with it being 18 per cent in front of any other listed energy generation.


The desire to shift to renewable energy is continuing to grow in Australia, with our community’s push being felt on a local, state and national level.


The table above shows energy sources ranking in the top 3 preferences of respondents for 2019, in comparison to last year.


Coal’s future is bleak


Remaining as a lowly preferred energy source for the second year running, coal-fired energy gained just 18 per cent of the research base ranking it in their top 3, with just 7 per cent putting coal as their number one energy preference.  


Adding to the concern of coal generation’s future, 64 per cent ranked it in their bottom three. 


Reflecting the above response, 64 per cent want the Australian Federal Government to cease new coal mines, while 31 per cent want current mines to immediately shut down if possible. An all-time low of 4 per cent of respondents support the subsidisation of new coal mines.


Another 68% of respondents believed that an orderly phase-out of coal to allow for workers and communities to prepare for a transition away from coal energy power stations.


Climate change remains a growing concern


Growing from the 2018 tally of 78% of respondents expressing concern about the effects climate change will have on drought and flooding, 81% of respondents have been recorded expressing the same concerns.


A decent total of 77% of respondents agreed that climate change is occurring, while 54% did not believe that Australia shouldn’t act on climate change until other major emitters do.


Another great reading was that 64% thought Australia should have a national target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.


It’s become increasingly clear that more Australians are wanting to shift our national energy reliance to cleaner and greener energy alternatives. Source: The Australia Institute – Climate of the Nation 2019.


“Ahead of the UN Global Climate Summit in New York in September, the public wants to see the Australian Government take a leadership role when it comes to global action on climate change,” TAI Climate & Energy Director Richie Merzian said.


For more information on the report, you can download the Climate Of The Nation 2019 report, here (PDF).


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