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Sunterra is a CEC Approved Retailer!

What does it mean to be a CEC Approved Retailer?


Being in the solar industry for a decade now, we at Sunterra continue to strive for excellence in every aspect of our operations. Having been recognised for our industry leading practice and services, Sunterra is now a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer!

Due to the incredibly high standards set by the Clean Energy Council for any solar company applying to become a CEC Approved Retailer, only a handful of companies across the nation have gained the coveted Approved Retailer status. 


The Clean Energy Council ensures that all CEC Accredited Retailers uphold an incredibly high standard or risk losing the right to remain an Accredited Retailer.


What makes becoming a CEC Approved Retailer so important?


Not everyone can simply lodge an application and become a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer. For a solar company to become an Approved Retailer, they are required to stick to a very strict set of guidelines outlined by the CEC itself. These guidelines are made up of Pre-sale, Post-sale, Documentation and General Business factors that make us ensure our practices are maintained at the highest standard, so by choosing a CEC Accredited Retailer, you can be sure that your solar system is designed to last and the service you receive is second to none. 



What standards are CEC Retailers required to uphold?


By choosing a CEC Retailer you will benefit from the following guidelines:


  • Sales representatives are to act ethically at all times
  • A company is to never engage in misleading advertising and sales tactics
  • Information about your purchase will be provided before entering into any contract


  • Respect cooling-off periods and refunds and give you the opportunity to cancel the contract and obtain a full refund where changes are made after contract that are not approved in writing
  • A standard minimum warranty period of five years is to be provided on the performance and operation of the Solar PV system including workmanship and products, with any issues during this period to also be attended to
  • The process between system installation and network connection will be thoroughly laid out to you or will facilitate this process on your behalf 

Documentation and general business

  • Ensure the required documentation are provided to you before and after the Solar PV system is commissioned
  • All existing legislation and regulations are to be adhered to, while maintaining effective internal cancellation procedures
  • The actions of any subcontracted parties are made accountable to by the employing company, including CEC-accredited installers/designers
  • A fair and transparent complaints process is to be maintained, while a response is to be made within 21 days of a complaint being made

By choosing a CEC Approved Retailer, you can be almost certain that your installation and service will be excellent.


Why choose Sunterra?


Having supplied Australians with premium solar energy systems since 2010, Sunterra is a leading solar energy company, ranking in at number 1 across several states in the nation. With a team of expert solar professionals stationed across the Australia in our various offices, don’t hesitate to get into contact with us if you’re looking to get off the grid today.

To date, we have installed solar PV Systems for over 10,000 homes and businesses and look forward to helping more homes and businesses in the future.


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