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What is Growatt MIN TL-X Series?

Growatt MIN TL-X Series is up-to-date smart inverter solution, single phase, and an outstanding efficiency of up to 98.4%.

At the moment, for example, MIN 5000TL-X has become most popular inverter in Australia solar system market. At the same time, it is also a very reliable and innovative product for residential solar installation.

Growatt MIN 2500~6000TLX
Growatt MIN 2500~6000TLX
Growatt MIN 8000~10000TLX
Growatt MIN 8000~10000TLX

What is the key features?

Growatt MIN TL-X Series Award

· Single Phase, X Generation
· MPP trackers
· Compact & Light
· OLED Display Consumes Less Power
· Over Three Million Clicks For Touch Button
· Type II SPD On DC side
· Supports Export Control
· Latest Monitoring Solution ShineWiFi-X

Displayed By IKEA
Displayed By IKEA

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