Leapton 440W Mono PERC 182*182-M-60-MH

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· Global Tier-1 Listed

· Japanese Brand

· 182mm Series

· 60 Cells Half Cut

· 25 Years Product Warranty

· Efficiency 20.33%

· MBB Cell: New circuit design, lower internal current, lower internal resistance loss

· Low Light Features: Higher performance under low light environment

· Higher Output Power: Module adopts 120 pcs of 182*182mm half cells, the maximum power can reach 465W

· Load Capacity: Mechanical load tests including wind load 2400 Pa and snow load 5400 Pa done by TUV Nord


Check More Details in Leapton 440W Datasheet

Additional information

Weight 23.5 kg
Dimensions 190.9 × 113.4 × 3 cm


25 years

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