Off Grid Solar System

What is this system?

Off-grid solar system is widely used in remote mountainous areas, non-electric and no grid areas, islands, communication base stations and other applications. The system is generally composed of solar panels, solar charge and discharge controllers, battery pack, off-grid inverters, DC loads and AC loads etc.

No Grid Areas
No Grid Areas

The off-grid solar system uses solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy when there is light, and supplies power to the load through the solar charge and discharge controller, while charging the battery. If you just want to make sure you can keep the system working during a power outage, see another post: How hybrid inverter work in blackout?

What is difference between grid-connected and off grid inverter?

The grid-connected inverter sends energy directly to the grid, so it has to track the frequency and phase of the grid, which is equivalent to a current source. Grid-connected inverters do not need energy storage, but the energy can not be regulated, how much photovoltaic sent to the network, simply do not care whether people want, the grid is very unlike.

The off-grid inverters are equivalent to setting up an independent mini-grid by themselves, mainly to control their own voltage, which is a voltage source.  Off-grid generally need energy storage, and do not send energy to the network, the grid has no right to interfere.

Off Grid Inverter

The off-grid inverter can work independently after leaving the grid, which is equivalent to an independent small grid, mainly to control its own voltage, which is a voltage source. It can be loaded with resistive-capacitive and motor inductive loads, has fast strain and anti-interference, strong adaptability and practicability, and is the preferred power supply product for power failure emergency power supply and outdoor power supply.

For example, Growatt SPF5000 ES is an excellent off grid inverter. It can work with or without battery.

Off Grid Battery

Many lithium battery systems requires a dedicated communication link to the inverter so as to operate. Lithium batteries and off-grid inverters are very compatible, modular, flexible, and can also be expanded into larger capacity battery storage systems, making them well suited for off-grid systems. Growatt ARK Battery is modular lithium battery for battery ready PV solution. It is also safe and reliable.

ark lv battery
ARK LV Battery

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