How hybrid inverter work in blackout?

This article is talking about how the hybrid inverter work in a blackout. In particular, for some houses with frequent power outages, you really need to think about what kind of inverter you should install.

As many people asked, can a hybrid inverter work without battery? Yes, absolutely. However, it doesn’t mean they can work without power. No matter which inverter, it have to work normally with power supplies, it just say that the source of power is different.

Where does the power supply for the inverters come from?

Firstly, grid’s power is still main source for all grid-connected inverters. But if you are in an area with unstable electricity, or simply no grid, grid-connected inverters are not for you. At this time, you’d better use Off Grid Solar System, just like Growatt SPF 5000 ES.

That being said, the topic is still around conditions of frequent power outages.

Secondly, many of us will think of using batteries. Yes, it is ideal to have a home battery, also called Battery Energy Storage System(BESS) for home use. When we are in a stable grid or power almost never goes off area, it doesn’t seem to make a difference what kind of energy storage inverter you install. We don’t have to worry too much about power supply or battery charging and discharging because your inverter is on grid. They controls solar panels and battery.

What happens during blackout?

Key point is coming, many inverters will not work in a power outage, if thats the case, you will still lose power even if you have a BESS solar system.

However, we still have to go into more details. Are there hybrid inverter that can help battery charge from PV in case of power outage or convert the power from the battery to AC for normal use? Yes, you have a good news. Some hybrid inverters have the ability to work in a blackout, even to help the battery get power from the solar panel. 

At this point, one more important component must be needed: Growatt ATS-S EPS box (or ATS-T for 3 phase). The ATS integrates a contactor to provide users with a simple connection. It is actually an automatic switch, and can automatically switch to off-grid state. Thus, it can continue to supply power to the EPS load, the backup loads can continue to run. It should be noted that: please ensure that the power in the battery is preferably more than 20%, otherwise the inverter may still not be able to work in a blackout.

Sunterra offers two excellent solutions for you to fight against power outages.

One is using Growatt SPH5000 hybrid inverter with EPS box, this inverter is compatible with ARK LV battery or with 6.5kWh Battery. We can see the workflow diagram as follows, ATS box is optional to extend the backup function. 

The upgraded version for SPH5000 is the SPH5000 BL-UP. UPS function is ready for the SPH-UP version, so you do not need to install EPS box extra. The UPS can complete the on/off grid transfer within 10ms. 

The other is Growatt MIN 5000TL-XH Single Phase Inverter, it’s also a Future-proofed battery ready PV solution, easily to extend storage, which can reduce the initial investment and offer customers enough flexibility. ARK XH battery system can be compatible with this hybrid inverter. Also, It has a growatt back up box that automatically switches to off-grid status. Besides, a MIN 5000TL-XH inverter provides 5kW full power AC output plus 5kW full power battery charge.


  • Nick

    May 10, 2022 - 12:24 pm

    Do you know if sph5000 can be recharged within maximum 5kW during the blackout?

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