Growatt SPH5000 Hybrid Inverter

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Growatt SPH5000 Hybrid Inverter APPLICATION

Single phase hybrid inverter ideal for new installation and retrofit exist solar system. Stunning IP65 protection level, more durable and flexible for installation, multiple programmable working modes, decide by yourself how to realize self-sufficiency and increase system self-consumption. And the EPS output can even provide backup supply during grid absence. 2 MPPTs, Low Voltage Battery

This inverter is also great for use during power outages, see: How hybrid inverter work in blackout?


· Compact design
· Local graphical LCD and 4 buttons
· Support export control
· Remote smart O&M


· Wide PV voltage range
· Dual MPP trackers
· Programmable working modes
· VPP interface ready for energy trading
· Mutliple workmodes configurable
· Smart load management via dry contact


· Smart battery management
· Online smart service
· IP65 & natural cooling
· Support backup function
· Off-grid capable

Compatible battery:

ARK LV Battery

Growatt GBLI6532 6.5kWh Lithium Battery


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Additional information

Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 56 × 45 × 18 cm

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