Growatt SPF 5000 ES

What is Growatt SPF 5000 ES?

Growatt SPF 5000 ES Off-Grid Storage Inverter is CEC Approved Growatt All-In-One Off-Grid Inverter, suitable for conditions of no grid or unstable electricity supply.

SPF 5000 ES
Growatt SPF 5000 ES

SPF 5000 ES is an amazing inverter

This is an all in one unit with a 5kw inverter, 80 amp AC charger, 100 amp solar MPPT charge controller.

All In One Features
All In One Features

Growatt’s newly developed off-grid inverter SPF 5000 ES, with an inverter output power of 5kW, adds a battery-free mode in addition to the basic functions of conventional off-grid inverters, such as PV priority mode, utility supplement mode and battery mode.

suitable for conditions of no grid or unstable electricity supply.
suitable for conditions of no grid or unstable electricity supply.

In some places where electricity is expensive and there are frequent power outages, it is a good choice to install a photovoltaic system. Installation of PV off-grid system, power outage time volt can continue to generate electricity, does not affect the continuous work of the equipment, the overall benefit is better. But the conventional off-grid system, to be equipped with a large number of batteries, these energy storage batteries, expensive, short life, increasing the pre-investment costs of the system, so the application of off-grid PV system is also limited.

Growatt SPF 5000 ES can be working with battery or without battery

Battery-free mode means that if the system has no battery or if the system has a battery but the battery is dormant for some reason, the inverter can still ensure normal operation with sufficient PV.
spf 5000 es and ark lv battery
SPF 5000 ES is compatible with ARK Lv Battery

The SPF 5000 ES works in the following modes:

1.When the system has PV and utility power, SPF 5000ES can be similar to grid-connected inverter and can be grid-connected for self-generation and self-consumption. When the PV power is less than the load power, all the PV energy is supplied to the load, and the shortage is supplemented by the utility, and the PV and utility jointly carry the load. When the PV power is larger than the load power, the PV energy is provided to the load first, and the excess energy can be charged to the battery. If there is no battery, the inverter adjusts the power issued by PV according to the size of the current load to ensure that the inverter does not send power to the grid.

2. When the system has PV without utility power, SPF 5000 ES can work off-grid to some extent, but when the load power is greater than the PV power, the inverter will stop working. This situation, suitable for loads that can vary with the input, such as electric water heaters, or when the PV power is much larger than the load power.

3. When the system has no PV with utility power, the SPF 5000 ES can bypass with the load and can make an attempt to charge and activate the dormant lithium battery.

In addition, SPF 5000 ES has developed two useful functions, the timer charging function and the timer output function. Timed charging function: Customers can customize the charging time period of utility power to limit the use of grid charging during the peak electricity price period, which can reduce the electricity bill; Timed output function: Customers can set a timed output, where the inverter automatically shuts down at a certain time period to ensure the reduction of the system’s own losses.

More Excellent Features

· Integrated MPPT charge controller
· Equalization charging function
· Work with or without battery PV input voltage up to 450VDC
· Configurable grid or solar input priority
· Optional WIFI/GPRS remote monitoring
· Support parallel operation for capacity expansion up to 30kW
· PV and grid power the load jointly if PV energy is unsufficient
· Flexibly schedule the Inverter charging and discharging time.


spf 5000 es installation
spf 5000 es installation

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