6.6kW Solar System

6.6kW solar system is one of most popular solar system installations in Australia. Many homes have such systems installed. This is because it is relatively inexpensive, better value for money and easier to get approval to connect to the grid.

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Why choose 6.6kW system?

Most people will choose a 5kW inverter because that is the maximum capacity for a single phase home installation and also the maximum capacity for connecting to the grid. With the installation of 6.6kW solar panels, you get better value. According to the CEC guidelines, your system can oversize your system up to 133%, so a 5kW becomes 6.6kW.


How can I select 5kW Inverters?

There are many 5kW inverters options for you in Sunterra products list, such as Min 5000TL-X, Min 5000TL-XH, SPH5000, Mod 5000TL3-X or SPF 5000 ES. There are different scenarios for each of these, so you can ask us to get a best solution.


A 5kW inverter is cheaper than a 6kW one, which is why many people choose this one.

In many cases, the solar panel may lose 10% power generation due to temperature, amount of light, angle of light, etc., so when using a 5kW inverter, you can also be sure that it will work at the designed performance level.

What kind of solar panel can be selected in 6.6kW system?

It can be said that you have various options. You can choose from 15*Jinko 440w, 15*Leapton 440W, or 18*Jinko 370w, depending on the effective installation area of your roof.

For example,  one jinko 440w’s area is 2.12m2, so a 6.6kw solar system would need 31~35m2 of roof space. Also, Sunterra has the professional team to help you complete the accurate scope of installation.

solar panel installation
solar panel installation


How much does a 6.6kW system cost?

The price of a 6.6kW system is relatively inexpensive. If you would like to install solar only system, it is mainly the price of the inverter plus the solar panels. The price of solar panels is calculated by wattage. Sunterra is currently offering a very competitive price and 0% interest payment plans is available in some places.

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